Regimental Fire and Fury
RFF-100 Regimental Fire and Fury $36.00

Fire and Fury is one of the most popular historical military miniatures wargames in the hobby. This new regimental edition provides players a more in-depth look at American Civil War combat.

96 pages
Full color photos and diagrams
6 battle scenarios
2 quick reference sheets

The smaller scale allows you to take command of individual regiments and batteries and refight in greater detail many of the war’s smaller engagements, as well as critical actions of the conflict’s famous battles. For the new player it is an easy game to learn and enjoy. The veteran Fire and Fury gamer will find much that is familiar, like the play sequence, maneuver table, and combat system, while discovering a game taken to a new level of sophistication. Refined game mechanics strike a balance between playability and historical accuracy that draw upon twenty years of the Fire and Fury gaming experience.