Historical Wargame Rules
FD-01 1644 - English Civil War Rules $40.00
FD-15 Medieval Warfare - Rules for Medieval Battles of 450-1515AD $50.00
FD-19 The Rules with No Name: Or A Fistful Of Dice $52.00
FD-20 Napoleon - Rules and Campaigns for Gaming with Painted Miniatures during the Napoleonic wars $50.00
Painting Guide Wargame Rules
FD-02 Foundry Miniatures Painting And Modeling Guide $40.00
FD-17 Foundry Minaitures Compendium & Period Specific Mini-Wargame Rules $32.00
Historical Reference Books

Armies Of England, Scotland, Ireland, The United Provinces,
& The Spanish Netherlands 1487-1609

FD-04 Armies Of The Aztec And Inca Empires, Other Native Peoples Of The Americas,
& The Conquistadors
FD-05 African Knights $25.00
FD-06 Burma And Indo-China $69.00
FD-07 Central Asia And The Himalayan Kingdoms $69.00
FD-08 China $69.00
FD-09 Colonial Armies In Africa 1850-1918 $69.00
FD-10 East Africa $69.00
FD-11 India's Northeast Frontier $40.00
FD-13 The British In India 1826-1859 $60.00
FD-14 Small Wars And Skirmishes $69.00
FD-16 Rising and Rebellions 1919-39 $63.00
FD-18 The Paraguayan War $63.00